Kitchen Appliance Repair

Many of the repair services we offer here at Express Repair Group center around kitchen appliance repairs. Our kitchen appliance service is broad and covers all large appliances typically found in the kitchen. We fully understand just how important it is that all of the appliances in your kitchen are working properly. These appliances are very costly, which is why it's essential that you contact us immediately once a problem occurs, as time can make the difference between a minor repair and having to replace the entire appliance. While the most common issues occur when the appliance simply stops working altogether, some appliances may indicate problems before that. For instance, a damaged microwave may start overcooking your food; instead of buying a new one, contact us for a microwave repair.
Repairman fixing refigerator, household appliances, appliance repair in Encino, CA
One of our most important services is that of refrigerator repair.
A refrigerator is one of the costlier investments for your kitchen, so repairs and maintenance should be requested as soon as possible. The same holds true for your freezer or ice maker. Our employees have received a lot of training in providing freezer repair services, so you can be confident that we'll get the job done right the first time.
If your dishwasher starts acting strangely and doesn't clean dishes as well as it's supposed to, our dishwasher repair services will diagnose the problem and identify whether a replacement part is necessary or if a small amount of repair work will fix it as good as new. Our kitchen appliance service also applies to stoves and ovens, so don't hesitate to call us when these appliances need repair.